Monday, December 15, 2008

Deer Hunting Season Wrap-Up

Now that deer hunting season is wrapping up, I fear I might go into a deep depression. I need to take up a new hobby, perhaps goose hunting is in the cards. Or maybe I’ll save myself the embarrassment and try out some new outdoor escapades.

In the months to come I’m hoping to embark on some wild winter adventures such as skijoring (getting pulled on skis by a sled dog), snowmobiling, snowshoeing and steelhead fishing. You’ll have to check back after the holidays to see what crazy things I decide to do!

As for now, I’m going to leave you with some more great hunting photos and a great video of a buck right in a backyard in Palermo.

My husband, Manasseh, with the 7 point he shot out of the same tree stand as I shot my deer.

A huge 8 point shot by Darren Moore in Happy Valley.

I couldn't post the following two photos without sharing the awesome story behind them!
Zack Jadus, 14 years old, killed this huge buck right in the town of Oswego while hunting with his grandfather, Paul Cooper, also of Oswego. The deer was killed on November 29, only FOUR days after his 14th birthday. Talk about a great hunter! Imagine receiving your license and four days later killing a monster like this!? It took me three years to kill a little 4 point! (Can you all sense the jealousy... I think I need to start hunting in Oswego!!)

Zack’s 14 point has a 20.5 inch spread, whose rack scored roughly 160. The buck weighed 165 lbs. dressed. Zack killed this buck with an Ithaca .12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun. I found this photo because it was featured in the Syracuse newspaper, the Post Standard. I just had to get the story and post it on my site! Good job Zack!

Zack Jadus with his first kill, a 14 point shot in Oswego.

Zack pictured with his buck and his grandfather, Paul Cooper.

Here is the video of the nice buck wandering around the backyards of Palermo!