Wednesday, February 25, 2009

“I’m too Valuable to Sled Over the Jump”

Those are the words that came out of my friend Kyle’s mouth while he watched the rest of us fly over the jump on our tubes while sledding a couple of weekends ago. Then Kyle decided that since he was too valuable to sled over the jump that he should snowboard over it instead. If you don’t see the logic in that, then we’re on the same page. The results of his attempt are on the video I posted below. Let’s just say that he’s not so valuable anymore.


When I was a little girl I LOVED snow. I would get bundled up in so many layers that a Mack truck couldn’t touch me. My sister and I would waddle outside and play for hours sledding and building forts. My whole front yard used to look like a secret underground lair with tunnels leading everywhere.

Now that I’m older, and much more mature (I’m using that word lightly) I have to do things like clean the snow off of my car, get towed up my driveway when my car gets stuck, go off the road at least twice a winter because I can’t see anything BUT snow, and wear my big burleys over my dress pants when I go to work. Things like that can really ruin snow’s childish appeal.

This winter I made an attempt to drop my hate of snow like a hot potato.

And guess what… I did! I am actually coming to enjoy the snow! When I went sledding I had such a great time that I felt like a little girl again! We had pizza, music, a fire to stay warm, a spongebob blow up chair to sled down on, snowmobiles to take us back up the hill (which was a major plus because I’m way too out of shape to walk up a hill) and a jump! Check out my video below!

Now I understand why people drive from all over the place to COME to Oswego County in the winter. If you love the snow, and all activities involved with snow, then this is definitely the place to find it when other places are lacking it. There are tons of trails to cross-country ski, snowshoe and snowmobile. You can try more extreme sports like dog sledding and ice climbing, or easier sports such as ice skating, ice fishing or sledding!

Unfortunately, not everyone has a hill in their backyard, but there are some local places in the county open to the public for great sledding. If you know of any other great places to sled, we’d love to add it to the list, so please leave a comment or send me an email at

Fallbrook at SUNYOswego:

Camp Zerbe in Williamstown:

Merrill Town Community Park in Parish:

This is the awesome sledding video (you can watch Kyle around minute 5:09)!

The boys getting ready at the top of the hill

Ashleigh & Me at the bottom of the hill, waiting for our ride back up

Matt, Ashleigh's brother-in-law, showing off on the snowboard

Ashleigh's son Owen

Ashleigh's older son Jake, waiting for someone to give him a ride on the snowmobile

Matt, Ashleigh & Me with a tube train

Manasseh testing out the jump

Getting towed up the hill

Matt flying over the jump backwards

There were 4 guys packed on this sled!

Matt flying over the jump again

My friend Chris going over the jump... he looks so calm!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog on the internet and had such a good laugh I bookmarked it and look forward to the next one! keep um coming:)

Anonymous said...

So he didn't want to sled over the jump but is willing to snowboard over it. Is he missing a can from being a six-pack? Great reminiscencing of what was the truly greatest thing about being young. I truly enjoy reading about your antics.

Anonymous said...

How much fun does that look like??!! I check your blog frequently and have turned several of my co-workers on to your site. Finally someone promoting our area about something besides salmon fishing - there are so many other things to do in our county and you are covering this and showing things that are fun for all ages!!!
Bravo - keep them coming